A Detailed Overview of the Area Rug Cleaning Process

When area rugs and carpets are exposed to high-traffic areas, they can collect untold amounts of dirt, debris, dust, and allergens. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, these rugs can retain odors and become hazardous to people with allergies and/or breathing problems.

Regardless of whether that rug is in your home, apartment, condo, or at the entrance of your business, using a professional area rug cleaning service like Duo Care can remove these allergens, extend the life of your rug, and give it that near-new look and feel. 

Working with a professional rug cleaner also helps prevent common mistakes that occur during DIY cleaning projects, including using the wrong cleaning solutions, not investing in high-quality equipment, and overwetting the rug.

In this article, we’ll discuss what’s involved during a professional area rug cleaning project, starting first with pre-inspection.


Area Rugs of Various Sizes Pre-Inspection

Long before any cleaning takes place, a rug cleaning expert will perform a thorough and complete pre-inspection. The goal is to identify any mold and mildew, assess the rug’s fibers, and discover any damage, stains, wet spots, and discoloration. The purpose of a pre-inspection is to define the processes that need to be used to clean the rug.

Cleaning Process

The area rug cleaning process will vary from cleaning company to cleaning company. Generally, the process starts with a thorough and complete compressed air dusting of both sides of the rug. A high volume of compressed air helps to remove dust, dirt, and debris without damaging the rug’s fibers. Special attention is taken during this initial stage to ensure the rug is securely placed during the air dusting.

The rug is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove any remaining dust. Next is the cleaning process, which, again, will vary based on the cleaning company you work with.

At Duo Care, we match our cleaning process and equipment to the type of material the rug is made from. Commercial, high-quality stain and odor removers are used on tough-to-remove areas of the rug. We use gentle cleaning agents, a thorough 10-step cleaning process, and clear-water rinsing to ensure our customers are more than satisfied with the results.


Area Rugs Drying in Duo Care Warehouse

Our technicians use different drying methods based on the rug’s fibers and how it’s made. Fine rugs are often air-dried by being hung up and allowed to dry naturally. Others may be laid down flat or placed with a large centrifuge or drying chamber where they’re repeatedly spun to remove excess water and moisture. Combing, brushing, and different pile-fluffing processes are then used to create that all-important near-new rug feel.

Final Inspection

Once the rug is completely dry, a post-cleaning inspection is done, along with a final vacuum. Loose fibers are trimmed, and an optional insect deterrent and fiber protector are applied. Finally, a thorough inspection ensures the rug is clean and free of any residual contaminants or cleaning agents.

Our team takes special care to ensure all the cleaning requirements outlined within the original quote and pre-inspection are properly adhered to. This means double and triple-checking stained areas of the rug to ensure the rug’s original colors shine through.

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