Shelby Township Area Rug Cleaning

The professional team at Duo-Care Cleaning & Restoration has the expertise and equipment needed to completely restore your Shelby Township area rug to its original beauty and freshness. Not only can we clean it to perfection, but we also know how to deeply clean any kind of Shelby Township rug without causing any damage. This includes delicate rugs, like precious heirlooms, fine wool, and oriental rugs. Also, we can clean any size of rug effectively, from the smallest Shelby Township area rugs and runners, up to the largest area rugs you can find.

When we clean any Shelby Township area rug, we always adhere to our carefully designed 10-step cleaning process. This makes sure that every rug is cleaned completely and treated with the care it deserves. If you want to have us come to your home to clean your Shelby Township area rug, we can do that. However, we recommend having us clean it at our location. Here, we can use all of our equipment which might not be appropriate for use in your home, and we have as much room as possible to ensure that we can clean every inch of the rug as it should be.

Once we’re done with the cleaning process, we can even apply 3M Scotchgard to protect it from getting any stains in the future. Here are some common signs that your Shelby Township area rug could use a professional cleaning:

  • If pet urine odors hang around no matter how much you clean the rug, let us use our professional tactics to get rid of the smell at the source (there is an additional charge for urine removal).
  • If moths and larvae have made your rug their home and you don’t know how to get rid of them, call on us. We can get rid of all the bugs in your carpet, and we can apply a treatment that keeps them away.
  • Has the fringe of your rug seen better days? Our carefully developed techniques will rejuvenate your rug’s fringe so that it accents your rug well once again.

High quality area rugs are supposed to make a room feel more comfortable and cozy, and look better, too. But if your area rug hasn’t been cleaned recently, it could be having the opposite effect. It can be hard to tell the difference since your rug will have dulled and picked up stains and odors slowly over time. But when you get your rug back from Duo-Care, the difference is immediately clear.

Let the pros at Duo-Care take care of your rug, so you can proudly show it off in any room without worrying about stains or smells. To learn more about our Shelby Township area rug cleaning process, or to get a free estimate, give us a call at (586) 315-6638 or send in an online contact form today!


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